Queen Esther is a member of Keychange US Talent and Development Program

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Keychange U.S., a charitable non-profit organization working to foster and champion greater gender equity and inclusion within the music industry, has announced the inaugural cohort of its U.S. Talent Development Program. Through this program, Keychange U.S. will provide career development, mentorship, team meet-ups, and career-defining showcase and speaking opportunities to 25 participants from Los Angeles, Nashville and New York City.  

Originally founded in Europe in 2017 under the leadership of Vanessa Reed and PRS Foundation (UK), Reeperbahn Festival (Germany), and Musikcentrum Öst (Sweden), the organization rapidly accrued international presence. The Global Keychange Pledge boasts more than 615 signatories across the music ecosystem. The U.S. expansion of Keychange was launched in June 2022 in close collaboration with Founding Donors Believe and TuneCore. Keychange U.S. is building on the global success of the movement to authentically develop a stronger, safer, and more inclusive music industry for all.

The full list of participants in the inaugural Keychange U.S. Talent Development Program:

Natalie Greffel (She/Her) 
Piper Page (She/Her)
Angie K (She/Her) 
HIEN (She/Her) 
LAYNA (She/Her) 
Queen Esther (She/Her) 
Dom Jones (She/Her)
Angélica Garcia (She/They) 
Elsa Nilsson - Band Of Pulses (She/Her) 
Danielle Lande (She/They) 
Medusa (They/Them)

Listen to the Artists here.

Sam Viotty (She/Her) 
Jashima Wadehra (She/Her) 
Gemma McInturff (She/Her) 
Sabeerah Najee-Ullah (She/Her) 
Alexandria Davis (She/Her) 
Colby Lapolla (She/Her) 
Dani Thomas (She/Her) 
Zarrin Alam (She/Her) 
Shelly Hartman (She/Her) 
Alexa Disney (She/Her) 
Liv Lombardi (They/Them) 
Katie Hargrove (She/Her)

Check out all participants here.



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