Queen Esther - Grant Recipient, NYC Women's Fund in Media, Music and Theatre

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Queen Esther has received a grant from the NYC Women's Fund for her next alt-Americana album Blackbirding. With this song cycle, she uses the Gettysburg battlefield to make reclamation driven Americana from a Black Southern feminist perspective. The album will be released by spring 2023.

The NYC Women's Fund for Media, Music and Theatre is a groundbreaking initiative by the City of New York Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME) to address the underrepresentation of female and female-identifying artists in film, television, and theatre and now music.

In addition to being made by, for, or about all who identify as women, projects are eligible if they feature a strong female perspective; and/or include a female director; and/or include a meaningful female producer credit; and/or include a meaningful female writing credit; and/or include a female protagonist(s).

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