January 5, 2015

The Wednesday Jazz Residency at Minton’s Continues with JC Hopkins Biggish Band featuring Queen Esther and Charles Turner

Queen Esther

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The Wednesday night residency continues!  The newly revived, iconic jazz venue Minton’s Playhouse is hosting the JC Hopkins Biggish Band each Wednesday from 7pm – 11pm. Featuring special guest vocalists Queen Esther and Charles Turner as well as a host of New York City’s hottest jazz musicians — including Claire Daly on baritone sax, Julian Pressly on tenor sax and Seneca Black on trumpet — the home of bebop comes alive in fresh and unexpected ways.

“The birthplace of bebop, Minton’s on 118th Street, has been reborn as a venue that is as classy as it is historic. The long-neglected room has now been remodeled into one of the most attractive venues in the city, with a menu that puts most Midtown clubs to shame. The combination of pianist-bandleader JC Hopkins and vocalist Queen Esther expertly recapture the vitality and energy of Harlem jazz and blues of 70 years ago without slavishly imitating anyone and are thus a perfect fit, and they should help the relaunched room attract the attention of dancers as well as diners.” — The Wall Street Journal

Minton’s — 206 W. 118th Street at St. Nicholas
Doors open at 6:00pm.
Performances at 7pm – 11pm.
Music charge: $10 at the bar, $20 at a table.
Dinner reservations are recommended.

For more information: 212 243 2222

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