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  Queen Esther Sings Billie Holiday: The Rare Sides A different program each week! Every Tuesday in April Sets at 7:30pm and 9:30pm $10 at the bar — $20 at the table Minton’s Harlem 206 W. 118th St. for info/reservations 212 243 2222 April 7th    Holiday on Broadway In honor of Billie Holiday’s centennial (April 7, 1915 – April 7, 2015), Queen Esther recreates the program from Lady Day’s Broadway debut Holiday on Broadway, which opened on April 27th, 1948 in the wake of her first Carnegie Hall appearance. April 14th   Queen Esther Sings Billie Holiday at Carnegie Hall, 1956: A Refracted Set Using personal letters, soundbites and interview segments from Lady Day herself, Queen Esther puts a refracted spin on Miss Holiday’s last Carnegie Hall performance, giving the audience a new perspective on the greatest jazz siren of the 20th century. April 21st and 28th   The Billie Holiday Project With the relatively unknown yet timeless songs of the iconic siren Billie Holiday as an aural backdrop for several newly unearthed Zora Neale Hurston short stories from the height of the Harlem Renaissance – including Monkey Junk, an uptown “fable” of Black city life and an instant classic – Queen Esther explores new ground by giving this unexplored material a fresh perspective.