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Icons in Ash, Death in Music — Female Voice Festival Concert & Spoken Word Performances West Park Presbyterian Church 165 W. 86th St. (Amsterdam Ave.) Heide Hatry: Icons in Ash, Cremation Portraits, an exhibition at Ubu Gallery, inspired this concert, in which the curators Jane LeCroy and Heide Hatry try to reintegrate life and death: to touch death, work with death, to let it speak in its mundanity, its grandeur, its familiarity and its mystery, its uniqueness and its universality, to redeem it from oblivion, to give it its own life again. Featuring the following artists:   Tammy Faye Starlite Nicole Peyrafitte Katelyn Richards Queen Esther christine Isherwood Danielle Blau Nora Fox Kaila Mullad Victoire Oberkampf: Karoline Rose Stanislavska Milica Paranosic Liana Gabel Hot Glue and the Gun Anastasia Petropoulos Katelyn Richards and more!   For more information, click here.