January 7, 2014

Queen Esther sings Billie Holiday at Soho Grand, January 18th

Queen Esther

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Queen Esther Sings Billie Holiday
Featuring songs from her (in utero) musical, The Billie Holiday Project

WHERE: The Club Room of Tribeca’s Soho Grand
310 W. Broadway / 212 965 3000

WHEN: Saturday, January 18th — 7:30pm
COST: No cover

Jeremy Bacon, piano
Hilliard Greene, bass
Wayne Tucker, trumpet




1 Comment

    Mick Bisignani

    January 19, 2014 at 9:29 pm


    Queen Esther’s voice is just a fine tuned instrument, melodious, penetrating and soothing. I Did not know that such perfection was possible until hearing her sing from a few yards away, cozzied up with my honey in front of a tall and elegant fireplace.

    Queen Esther and the Soho Grand, a combo not to miss.

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