June 19, 2015

Queen Esther performs two sets in Make Music New York, June 21st

Queen Esther

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Queen Esther performs two FREE sets outdoors in Make Music New York on Sunday, June 21st — with GoGirls Music in Park Slope and The Fascinators in Greenpoint — both locations in Brooklyn. See you there!

Make Music New York is a live, free musical celebration across New York City that takes place each June 21 – the longest day of the year.

Make Music New York — GoGirls Music Edition
Old Stone House
Washington Park/JJ Berne Playground
3rd St at 5th Ave
Park Slope, Brooklyn

Get ready for another MMNY with the GoGirls in Park Slope, Brooklyn!
We have another wonderful line-up this year, complete with massive amounts of sunscreen. I’m so excited to be sandwiched between these talented artists:

1pm: Deb Cavanaugh

1:30pm Lucy Kalantari (Me!)

2:00pm Queen Esther

2:30pm rorie kelly


Make Music New York at Cato’s Army/Navy
654 Broadway, Greenpoint

1:00 pm John Whoever — indie-folk, singer/songwriter
2:00 pm Cyd Blaise — insightful singer/songwriter
3:00 pm PartyOwl — bluesy singer/songwriter
3:45 pm The Fascinators — old jazz for the new depression


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