July 15, 2016

Queen Esther sings Black Americana LIVE on WPRB!
Music You Can’t Hear on the Radio
Listen in at 103.3FM
and online ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD at wprb.com

Sunday, July 17th at 7pm!
For more information, click here.

DJ Frank Todd guest hosts Music You Can’t Hear on the Radio from 7pm – 10pm on 103.3FM
featuring Queen Esther, Mike Agranoff, Mike Gorka and Pat “Soulcat” Toner.

Singer-songwriter and musician Queen Esther performs selections from her critically acclaimed Black Americana album The Other Side, with additional guitar and vocals from Jeff McLaughlin.

Now 4 Ways To Listen to “the best radio program in the universe” which is “always very wide-ranging, unpredictable and fun”:

LIVE on Sundays from 7:00-10:00 pm:

1. 103.3 FM – in New Jersey from Morristown to Cherry Hill, Red Bank to Milford and Exits 4-13 of the Turnpike and in much of Philadelphia and Bucks County.

2. WPRB.com – anywhere in the world.


3. DAR.FM – Check out this VCR-type device you can set to automatically record the show each week. Then you can listen at your convenience on your PC, mobile phone or other device, save through iTunes or other programs, and/or record onto CDs to listen in your car.

4. TuneIn Radio – listen on your web browser on PC or Mac; mobile device apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Palm, BlackBerry, Samsung Bada, and Windows Phone; and home devices including Google TV, Yahoo TV, Roku, and WDTV).

Music You Can’t Hear On The Radio was begun by John Weingart in February 1974 to weave folk music, string band music, bluegrass blues, humor, the Grateful Dead and occasional news clippings and readings into a whole that aims to be, as often as possible, bigger than the sum of its parts. The program usually includes a mix of CDs and LPs each often linked to the ones that came before and follow after in a way intended to evoke interest, amusement, surprise, profound educational experiences, bewilderment, or other forms of active engagement. The opening song and other parts of the program may refer to particularly current news or seasonal events.

Every Sunday evening, for a few minutes usually sometime between 8:45 and 9:15 pm, the program includes a reading of selected concerts in the central New Jersey, Bucks County and Philadelphia area. These events and many more are maintained on a list available at the Concert Calendar page. To have other events noted on the list, please e-mail a barebones version of the relevant information.

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