November 25, 2013

Queen Esther performs at HAF Sessions Festival Encore, December 12th

Queen Esther

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Queen Esther performs at Harlem’s Silvana, accompanied by guitarist Marvin Sewell. More information below. Hope to see you there!


Our first Harlem Arts Festival (HAF) Sessions Festival Encore will highlight some of our favorite acts from Harlem Arts Festivals 2012 and 2013. The night will feature performances by Queen Esther (HAF 2012), Ben Barson (HAF 2012), and Najee Omar (HAF 2013), with visual arts by Valerie Patritti (HAF 2013) at Harlem’s newest hotspot, Silvana.


DECEMBER 12, 2013, 10pm-12am

300 W. 116th St.    Tickets: $5 in advance/$10 at the door

To purchase tickets, please click here.


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