July 12, 2015

Demolition String Band’s Woodie Guthrie Tribute To The Man & His Music
The Living Room
134 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, NY
July 14th     9pm – 12am

July 14th is Woody’s  103rd birthday and what better way to celebrate it than with a night of music at one of our favorite NYC music venues! We’ll be hosting the night and have invited a a tasty collection of singers and musicians to come sing and play all Woody all night.

Hosted by Boo and Elena of Demolition String Band

With Special Guests:

Cole Quest and the City Pickers

Lisa Gutkin

Queen Esther

Stephen Said

Mamie Minch

Jen Larsen

Jan Bell

Rob, DK and Dave of The Hollows

Liz Tormes

Melody Allegra

Luba Dvorak

Fred Gillee Jr.

Trip Henderson and Emily Eagan of The Whistling Wolves

Nate Schweber

Mary Spencer Knapp

Matt Turk

Danny Weiss and Mary Olive Smith

Diego Britt

…and MORE!

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