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Release Date: February 2, 2010


The more I listened to Queen Esther, the more I wanted to listen to Queen Esther. The band is one of the top jazz ensembles around, the songs from Hopkins are deliciously memorable and well written and Queen Esther’s performance is an instant classic. She seems to bring her amazing voice from the very core of her soul and owns every song she sings. This is the best jazz album I’ve heard this year.

— Don Sechelski, Muse’s Muse

With The Hot Five

A collective of New York City’s finest jazz musicians that play intimate reconfigurations of rare all-American
standards while creating original modern classics.

Kenyatta Beasley: trumpet
Vincent Chancey: French horn
Hilliard Green: bass
J. Walter Hawkes: trombone, ukelele
Patience Higgins: alto sax
Matt Ray: piano
Warren Smith: drums

1. Remember When?
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2. Stardust
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3. What Is Love?
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4. I Cover the Waterfront
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5. Do You Want To Go To France?
    6. Either He's Crazy Or I Am
      7. Everything Is Going To Be Alright
        8. I'll Never Be the Same
          9. You Don't Know (How Much I Love You)
            10. Dreamland


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