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Release Date: May 25, 2014


This is Black Americana at its finest — a sprawling sonic wonderland that walks with a soulful twang, full of feeling and drenched in the blues.

Charles Burnham, violin
Jon Diaz, acoustic/electric guitar
Ronny Drayton, electric guitar
Michael Duhnfort, electric guitar
Bruce Edwards, acoustic guitar
Sir G. Earl Grice, drums
Bob Hoffnar, pedal steel guitar
Jon Loyd, piano and back up vocals
Raphael McGregor, lap steel guitar
Marvin Sewell, electric guitar
Naisha Walton, bass
Ralph White, electric guitar and back up vocals

Engineered by Jason Candler
Recorded at The Maid’s Room — New York, NY
Mixed by Jorg Mohr, Roadhouse Productions — Bremen, Germany
Mastered by Rolf Kirschbaum, Alien Style — Bremen, Germany

Photography: Queen Esther (album cover) and Tanya Braganti (insert)
Graphic Design: Douglas Gillock

1. Sunnyland
2. I've Come Undone Again
3. Jet Airliner
4. Oh, Sun
5. Sadness Everlasting
    6. Somebody Else's Baby
      7. Will You Or Won't You
      8. My Big Iron Skillet
        9. The Other Side
        10. Love Is A Wrecking Ball
          11. I Feel Like Going Home
            12. I've Come Undone Again (Otra Vez)
              13. Jet Airliner (The Black Americana Version)

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