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Release Date: November 2, 2004


Queen Esther is active in the theater and performance art worlds, sings the blues, sings jazz with the JC Hopkins Biggish Band, and now has offered up a great rock & roll album. Is there anything this woman can’t do? —

Queen Esther – vocals
Jack Sprat – percussion, guitar
David Lee – percussion, guitar
Marvin Sewell – guitar
Kelvyn Bell – guitar
Josh Roy Brown – lap steel guitar
Boo Reiners – bass, tic tac bass, guitar (acoustic/electric)
Tom Rickell – bass
Booker King – bass
Robert Warren – bass
Sebastican Steinberg – bass
Andy Sanesi – drums
Glenn Reynolds – drums
Clayton Craddock – drums
Craig Dreyer – flute
Ron Sunshine – harmonica
Sylvia MacCalla – background vocals

1. Promise Me
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2. Shine
  •  Lyrics
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3. Talkin' Fishbowl Blues
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4. Taster's Choice
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5. Love
    6. So Real
      7. New York City
        8. Leave Me Alone
          9. Get It Right This Time
            10. The Way of the World
              11. Help Me
                12. Stand By Your Man

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