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Release Date: November 26, 2002


‘Harlem Song’ is not exactly Wolfe’s most profound creation; it is more sumptuous and self-indulgent than either The Colored Museum or Noise/Funk. Still, in its best moments, the production sizzles both as toe-tapping amusement and potent social exploration. – Theater Journal

Original Cast Recording

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1. Here Comes My Daddy Now
    2. Late One Night
      3. Well Alright Then
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      4. Drop Me Off In Harlem
        5. Tarzan Of Harlem
          6. Shakin' The Africann Intro
            7. Shakin' The Africann
              8. For Sale Intro
                9. For Sale
                  10. Drop Me Off In Harlem (reprise)
                    11. Doin' The Niggerati Rag
                      12. Coge El A Train (Take The "A" Train)
                        13. Depression Chant
                          14. Hungry Blues
                            15. Linda Brown
                              16. Here You Come With Love
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                              17. King Joe
                                18. A Fable Of Rage In The Key Of Jive
                                  19. Uptown Jazzmen
                                    20. Dream Deferred Intro
                                      21. Dream Deferred
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                                      22. Shake
                                        23. Tree Of Life
                                          24. One Word

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